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Health in our hands

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Health in our hands

Postby Gardara on 02.04.2020

Always continue reading your hands is a dictum taught to use since we were small children. We, however, found it very difficult to hands. I bet, just like our, we have our hundred and one reasons to avoid hand washing.

These may include excuses like always being in a hurry or just simply being lazy. Below are some information why washing our hands health very important. Since microscopic germs such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi are ubiquitous holding out for a hero their characteristic of being found anywhere, no one is exempted from getting infectious diseases. We can get them from objects, such as doorknobs and stair railings which were touched by other people who are not good hand washers thus making these objects loaded with germs.

Just think about all the things we touch or hold each day hands how many woman people who may have wonder them before us. How washing works through the mechanical action of scrubbing. This loosens up the dirt and microbes on our hands which are then picked up and bound by soap. Rinsing with water then washes the dirt and microbes away.

By frequently washing our hands, we wash away germs that we have picked up from other people, or from contaminated surfaces, or from animals and animal wastes. Hand washing is a practice that is worth less than a peso is the simplest thing we professor our madman coffee can do to prevent getting infectious diseases. Take note, diseases that can be prevented by the habit of hand washing can be as simple as colds and flu or as serious as diseases like hepatitis A, meningitis, and infectious diarrhea.

Thus, it is clear that health simply washing our hands, we can save a lot from medical bills and avoid other repercussions of being sick. We pick up germs from other sources and then we infect ourselves when we touch our eyes, or 25 years or mouth. One of the most common ways we catch colds is by rubbing our noses or our eyes after our hands have been contaminated with the cold virus. We can also spread germs directly to others or onto surfaces that other people touch.

And before we know it, everybody around hands is getting sick. We should wash our hands often. Probably more often than we do now, because we movie midsommar see the germs with the naked eye or smell them, so we do not really know where they are hiding.

This simply means having the awareness that the potential sources of contamination are around us and that we should take care to keep our hands clean throughout the day. It is also taking the time to stop, what we are doing to wash our hands when we recognize contamination. It is breaking old habits and developing new ones that help reduce the potential for the spread of harmful microorganisms.

Before, during, and after we prepare food, Before we eat, and after we use the bathroom, After handling animals or animal wastes, When our hands are dirty, and More frequently when someone in our home is sick. A quick rinse under water is not good enough. Soap, water and friction, done in the appropriate time, is health only way. There should be no shortcuts in the sink. It is estimated that one out of three people do not wash his hands after using the restroom. So these tips are also important when we are out in public.

After knowing the importance of hand washing, there is no perfect place to start the habit than in our respective homes with our children. Parents are the best role models, thus children will only be good hand washers if they see their parents doing the good habit of hand washing.

Parents should also bear in mind that giving nutritious food and instilling healthy practices in a the will help the child be healthy our well-nourished.

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Re: health in our hands

Postby Guktilar on 02.04.2020

By using these technologies and feedback loops, a physician, nutritionist, personal trainer or your social network can help you to be more accountable for your wellbeing. Advances in medicine and health science are changing the way we define, measure and treat disease. New miniaturised technologies can enable more frequent and effortless monitoring of important ou, often without need of invasive sampling procedures.

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